Parkinson's Choir


Strengthen connections for Parkinson’s Patients – give to the Parkinson’s Choir

Singing has been proven to contribute to the quality of life for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Drawing from research conducted in Ryerson’s SMART lab, the Parkinson’s Choir is designed to benefit vocal quality, facial communication and overall patient wellbeing. Participants tend to experience improvements within about 3-months of participation. 

Ryerson researcher Dr. Frank Russo, in partnership with the Royal Conservatory of Music, has started a popular Parkinson’s choir. The impact on the Parkinson’s community has left everyone involved wanting more. Our goal is to make the choir accessible to others in the Parkinson’s community and to sustain the choir over time.  Your gift to the Parkinson’s Choir will make singing more accessible to new choir members and help us keep the choir singing.

To learn more about the Parkinson’s Choir and the Smart Lab: .


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  Parkinson's Choir
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