Vincent J. Devitt Memorial Award

Vincent J. Devitt  

The Vincent J. Devitt Memorial Award will help deserving undergraduate students in the School of Journalism at Ryerson University. 

A graduate of the Ryerson Class of 1956, Vince reported for the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Telegram and the Toronto Star. He served as Bureau Chief at Toronto City Hall and Queen’s Park numerous times and also astutely covered many provincial and national election campaigns. Highlights of his career include reporting on the Quiet Revolution in Quebec, the Six Day War in Israel, the FLQ crisis, the James Bay Project, the revolution in Trinidad 1970 and the rise and fall of Salvador Allende’s government in Chile. Vince eventually left the life of the newsroom for government, becoming Assistant Press Secretary to Premier William G. Davis. 

In all his work, Vince trusted writerly instincts, taking even the simplest stories beyond the 5W’s to become tales about humanity, filled with colour, explicitly drawn settings, sensory description and emotional nuance. 

In harmony with Vince’s work, this award will support high-achieving students whose analytical skills are matched by their wisdom about people and their ability to communicate with elegance and wit.




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  Vincent J. Devitt Memorial Award
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